Loves Saturday Morning

Loves Saturday Morning

My daughter loves going to GDANCE Academy every Saturday morning. She loves dancing and even practises at home what she learned in her lesson. Since going to GDANCE Academy, I have seen my daughter create dance moves and being creative when she dances. It is truly amazing. She also looks forward to receiving her little surprise after her lesson. Thank you GDANCE Academy!

Yelena Pearson

Little Ballerina

Our little Ballerina may only be small but she counts down the sleeps each and every week until she can dance like a real ballerina again. Seeing her grow and learn new skills both socially and physically has been wonderful to watch. We can not wait to see how she grows and learns over the coming years into her very self through dance. Thank you so much for providing such a supportive and friendly Academy for children to explore themselves through dance.

Natasha Weissman

Confidence. Resilience.

My children have been going to GDANCE for close to 4 years now. The confidence, resilience, skills in memorisation and fitness that they have gained have been so rewarding and they love their GDANCE family. Signing my children up for dancing at GDANCE was one of my parenting wins!

Melody Swain