Founded and owned by dancer/choreographer Jo McKinley, the GDANCE philosophy is to provide a positive and exciting learning environment where students can develop their passion for dance, receive exceptional technical instruction and experience the joy that dance can provide. 

GDANCE encourages dancers to take the disciplines of dance into their everyday lives, helping to build self-confidence, a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed.

GDANCE operates under the following key principles:

  • To provide a positive and encouraging learning environment for all students
  • To recognise and nurture the talents of our future artists
  • To develop and maintain a sense of family and community for students, parents, carers and teachers
  • To ensure age appropriate music, costuming and choreography is maintained at all times
  • To provide performing and assessment opportunities for all students
  • To provide careful and thoughtful instruction which complies with current national safe dance practice
  • To give back to the community whenever possible
  • To be an environmentally responsible school
  • To foster the principles of good sportspersonship and compassion for others 
  • To encourage boys and men in the field of dance and change existing attitudes about this
  • To support mothers in our community including our teachers, helping to keep them in the workforce while managing family life
  • To provide strong, female leaders and role models for our students and our community

If YOU like the sounds of that, GDANCE Academy is the school for you! If you care about ethically responsible teaching, age appropriate tastes, supporting boys and men in the performing arts and preserving the purity and artistic quality of dance, join us now.

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“We came to GDANCE Academy because we really believed in the values you espouse and because you focus not only on developing good dancers but good people. I do see your older girls and admire how they conduct themselves.” - Joelle