GDANCE Academy offers very special classes for our tiniest of dancers with the Dance. Play. Grow.™ program.

The Dance. Play. Grow.™ program introduces the basics of classical ballet and dance through imagination and creative movement - children learning through play. Each week at Dance. Play. Grow. has a new theme, meaning the classes are exciting, dynamic and varied. With play being such an important part of child development, Dance. Play. Grow. students learn essential skills while having the most mesmerising experience. Each class includes elements of ballet, jazz, drama, song, musical appreciation, improvisation, games and much more! Every week is a new adventure at Dance. Play. Grow.™ and the children maintain an enthusiastic and energetic approach to their learning. 

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The Dance. Play. Grow. Pre School Dance Program is an exciting and innovative curriculum combining classical ballet, jazz, drama, song, games and more!

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Tiny Stars

(3 - 4 years of age)


A gentle and imaginative introduction to ideas such as general movement, basic music appreciation, mime and following instructions related to dance classes. Introduces your baby ballerina or ballet boy to a disciplined environment and teaches the basic elements of classical ballet through technique, song, dance, music, games and drama using props and a new class theme each week! Lots and lots of fun to be had! A 30 minute class to ease your ballet baby into dance.


Shooting Stars

(4 - 5 years of age - pre-school aged students)


Builds on the same ideas introduced in Baby Ballerinas, with more attention to detail in preparation for commencement of the RAD Classical Ballet syllabus. Your little dancer will learn about total body awareness, self-expression through movement, dance technique, musicality and mime. Combines Ballet and Jazz components for a well-rounded introduction to ballet and the performing arts. Class structure includes technique, song, dance, music, games and drama using props and a new class theme each week!

Please note, Dance. Play. Grow. classes are student only classes. We advise you wait until your little dancer is confident enough to participate in the class without a parent in the studio.

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