Q: Can I start part way through a term?

A: GDANCE has two intakes per term, at the beginning of term and mid term. Fees are reduced for our mid term intake, and you just need to select the mid term intake on our CLASS LIST as well as fill out an enrolment form.


Q: Do parents watch the classes?

A: Parents do not stay in the dance studio while classes are being conducted. This is to ensure students can maintain their focus on the teacher and class content, enabling them to get the most out of their dance tuition.


Q: Why is the GDANCE Studio Jacket and dance uniform compulsory?

A: When our students are dressed in our regulation uniform, they feel part of the bigger GDANCE community and helps to bring our students, families and faculty together with a strong sense of belonging. Part of our dance and performing arts training is teaching our students about correct grooming and preparation, a necessary skill in our industry and in life. Wearing the required GDANCE Studio Uniform ensures the academy is well represented by its students and ensures adherence with our safe dance practice policy.


Q: Are there classes on public holidays? 

A: No. There are no classes on public holidays unless by special arrangement. There are no classes over the Easter weekend unless by special arrangement. There generally ARE classes on weekends where the public holiday falls on a Monday.


Q: Are there classes on the first Saturday of the school holidays?

A: Generally speaking, no. We occasionally hold special events or have dance performances at the beginning of school holidays, however there are no regular classes.


Q: What colour MDM ballet shoes do I need?

A: Pink for girls, white for boys. You can find ballet shoes on the MDM website. www.mdmdance.com 


Q: Why does GDANCE require 2 classes per week for ballet if my child is in Primary or above?

A: We believe that a strong foundation in Classical Ballet is paramount to success as a dancer. To help our students achieve the basic foundations of dance ensuring our students are employing safe dance practices, we require them to be working with our experienced teachers for at least 2 hours per week.


Q: Can my son come along?

A: Yes! We encourage and welcome boys to attend our classes and provide scholarships for promising male students. Please have a look at the BOYS AT GDANCE page for more information.


Q: Is there a second hand clothing pool?

A: Yes! Once you have enrolled at the academy you can join the GDANCE Second Hand Dancewear and Costumes on Facebook and pick up some used dancewear items at a reduced price.


Q: When can my child start pointe work?

A: A strong dancer with exceptional technique, who has excelled in all the RAD grades can go onto pointe at approximately 11 years of age. The average age of starting pointe work is 12 - 15 years of age and is a decision made on an individual basis to ensure your child is safe and not at risk of injury.


Q: Is it too late for my child to start ballet?

A: It is never too late! However to ensure each student learns the principles of good technique and safe dance practice, we ask that all beginners, regardless of age, begin their ballet studies in Grade 1.


Q: Can my child dance in the next ballet Grade up to be with her friends?

A: While we understand that dance is a fun and social activity for children, we care about training each and every one of our students correctly and safely. Students must first learn the basics of classical ballet technique before they can attempt to master more difficult steps. It is in the best interests of each of our students that they are training and learning at the correct level for THEM. This will pay dividends in the long term.


Q: Will I get feedback from the teachers?

A: Yes! GDANCE teachers have a minute or two between each class to have a quick chat and will be able to answer your questions. Anything more than a quick question can be put in an email and addressed to the school so that a longer meeting may be arranged to answer your questions. For any greater concerns, we ask that you fill out a COMMUNICATION FORM and email it back to us so we can effectively address the issue at hand.


Q: If my child's MDM shoes and tights haven't arrived in time for their first class, do I need to wait until I have them for him/her to participate?

A: No. Please have as much of the uniform ready as possible in time for your first class. It is a good idea to bring a pair of socks to class that your child can dance in until the correct shoes arrive. We also sell tights at GDANCE reception.


Q: Can my child participate in the GDANCE Representative Team?

A: If you would like to participate, please CONTACT Miss Jo to express your child's interest. Students need to be studying Classical Ballet and Jazz and be demonstrating good attendance, good behaviour and a positive and mature approach to teamwork.