# 1 Q: Can I take a trial class?

A: At GDANCE Academy we offer a 30 day Guarantee. We choose not to have trial classes as this can be disruptive to the development and education of our enrolled students. However, we strongly believe that our classes are the most engaging and educational classes that money can buy. By following our curriculum, you are guaranteed a pathway whereby your child will succeed.

If, for some reason you find your child is not getting any positive results, let us know within 30 days of your child's first class, and you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed. Please note, this guarantee is conditional. This 100% guarantee is conditional based on your efforts to attend classes. If you ask for your money back, you will be required to prove your child had attended the maximum number of classes available to them upon the terms of enrolment within the 30 day period from their first class.


# 2 Q: What if my child doesn't like it?

A: We truly do have something for everyone and we will do everything we can to help your child settle in and feel comfortable and happy. We have found that a couple of lessons just isn't enough time for a child to decide if they truly love dance, because there is so much more to dance than what happens in just a few classes! We have special events, excursions, concerts, performances, open days, discos and of course many different styles of dance - something to suit everyone! We find that if a child can stick with it for at least a term, they settle in and start to love so many aspects of dance and the performing arts (many which are wonderful surprises!) It takes more than just one lesson for the beautiful relationship between student and teacher to develop and flourish and we would love the opportunity to get to know your child and share with them the magic of dance!


# 3  Q: Do parents watch the classes?

There is a small viewing pane in the studio door for parents to take a sneak peek, however parents do not stay in the dance studio while classes are being conducted. This is to ensure students can maintain their focus on the teacher and concentrate on the content of the class, allowing them to become the most amazing dancers!