Policies, Terms and Conditions


Fee information

1. Term fees are due within 14 days upon receipt of invoice. Fees not paid after 21 days from receipt of invoice will incur a $55 late fee without warning and students will not be permitted to attend any classes until payment is finalised.

2. Cash, cheque, bank cheque and money order are acceptable. All fees payable to class teachers or Director.

3. Please make cheques payable to “GDANCE Academy”.

4. Administration fee is required upon enrolment, accompanying the enrolment form as well as full payment of term fees.

5. Pro rata adjustments are made for new students enrolling part way through a term. Pro rata adjustments are not made for students cancelling enrolment once term has commenced.

6. Fees are based on school terms however the year generally starts the week after school resumes and ends the week or two before school finishes. Not all terms are 10 weeks long. Term fees are not adjusted.

7. Fees are not transferable.

8. All fees are non-refundable. (Excludes 30 money back guarantee for new students).

9. No classes on the last Saturday of term (first day of school holidays) unless advised otherwise.

10. Group lessons missed may be made up during term time with any age appropriate class. Please contact Director.

11. Private lessons will not be made up should you be unable to attend for any reason.

12. Private lessons may not be swapped with other students without permission from Director.

13. Fees do not include exam coaching classes, holiday classes, costume hire and accessories for exams and end-of year performance fees or eisteddfods. For more information see the GDA website.

14. No refunds are given for public holidays. See point 10.

Policy information

1. Students who are ill may be isolated and sent home.

2. Cancellation of enrolment must be in writing to the Director.

3. GDANCE reserves the right to withdraw any student at any time.

4. Students must arrive and leave the studio with GDANCE merchandise over their dance wear.

5. Choreography remains the sole property of GDANCE and may not be performed without prior consent.

6. Physical contact from the teaching staff is required for corrective purposes. It will be necessary by a member of the faculty to demonstrate exercises, try on costumes and administer first aid if required by using physical contact.

7. Students must wait inside the school for pick-up.

8. Parents of children with a diagnosed medical or other serious condition must make personal contact with the Director prior to student’s first lesson.

9. Leave all valuables and money at home. GDANCE is not responsible for lost items.

10. Students are not to participate in dance styles or schools outside of GDANCE without the prior consent of the Director.

11. Students wishing to attend external summer schools, dance classes, workshops and auditions must seek the permission of the Director. 

12. Students wishing to be considered for private lessons must first be a committed representative troupe team member.

13. Students wishing to be included in all genres of performance in the representative troupe team must also be enrolled in and participate in those same genre of classes on a weekly and ongoing basis. 


Money Back Guarantee - 30 day, 100% money back guarantee! 

We’re proud to stand behind our academy, our curriculum and our classes. We want you to feel at ease so we’re willing to get rid of all the risk and any obstacles that my be standing in your way. We strongly believe that our classes are the most engaging and educational classes that money can buy. By following our curriculum, you are guaranteed a pathway whereby your child will succeed.

If, for some reason you find your child is not getting any results, let us know within 30 days of signing up, and you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

Please note, this guarantee is conditional.

This 100% guarantee is conditional based on your efforts to attend classes. If you ask for your money back, you will be required to prove your child had attended the maximum number of classes available to them upon the terms of enrolment within the 30 day period. This guarantee is for new students only.

If you demonstrate that you attended each and every class in its entirety yet did not receive any positive outcome, we will happily refund you.

Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null and void. You can’t get results from something you don’t do. It’s as simple as that.