Mary Poppins Auditions

We will be auditioning for main roles and several other featured parts for our ballet, Mary Poppins..

Auditions are open to any student who will be completing their Grade 5 RAD ballet exam or higher in 2017 and are an excellent opportunity to practice for future auditions in the industry. Students may audition for any or all main roles. Once the main roles have been assigned, supporting roles will be cast according the strength of the audition performances and the approach to the student's work throughout the year. 

All auditionees will be required to present at least one of the following variations along with a student choreography.

Students who wish to audition for one of the lead roles need to prepare a self choreographed solo in that character to a piece of music of their choice. Ensure you study the character in detail that you wish to audition for so you know the emotional and performance qualities required. This self choreographed solo should be approximately 1 - 2 mins duration. Please bring your music on CD or iPod/iPhone for your accompaniment.

Auditions will be held in the Onyx Theatre on Tuesday, August 29th from 7 - 9 pm.

Please submit the audition form below by August 25th to register.

No discussion will be entered into about the casting decisions made. All casting and creative decisions are at the discretion of the GDANCE faculty.

Best of luck to all and enjoy the experience! 


Mary Poppins

To audition for the role of Mary, please prepare the following variation as well as a self choreographed solo in Mary Poppins character.

This variation may be presented in ballet flats or pointe shoes.



To audition for the role of Bert, please prepare the following variation as well as a self choreographed solo in Bert character..


Jane, Michael or George Banks

To audition for the role of one of the children please prepare an RAD variation from any Graded or Vocational Level as well as a self choreographed solo in Jane or Michael character.


Other Featured Roles

To audition for other (non-specified) featured roles please prepare for any one of the above 3 auditions. 



AUDITION FORM (Due August 25th 2017)

Name *