At GDANCE Academy, classical ballet is our foundation. Correct and secure technique along with safe dance practice is paramount to success, health and longevity in dance and the performing arts.

The Dance. Play. Grow. curriculum is a very special pre-school program for young children starting out in dance. 

Kindergarten aged students qualify for Pre-Primary Ballet, along with Jazz, Tap and Stretch and Limber. Students in this age bracket may wish to package their classes together with our Shining Stars Value Package. It is at this age when students have the opportunity to partake in examinations.

Older students may commence in Grade 1 Classical Ballet or at an appropriate level determined by the Director.

From the level of Primary Ballet, students participate in a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Students may also choose to participate in several other genres of dance that GDANCE Academy offers. Jazz is a logical addition to ballet, followed by Stretch and Limber and Performance Team. Other genres on offer are Contemporary, Tap, Music Theatre, Vocal and Hip Hop. At this point it would make sense to choose a Value Package that suits your needs, as some value packages provide you with over $1000 worth of tuition FREE, simply by bundling.

The Vocational Value Packages apply for students who have completed and passed their Grade 5 RAD Ballet Examination. The study hours required for Classical at this level are several more than that of the Grades. Students still have all the genres of dance available to them, however the Classical Ballet Component increases in terms of study time. Students should be taking two Classical classes at their own level, at least one Classical class at the level above their own and one Open Ballet Class (meaning this is a mixed age group class where free enchainements are given rather than the RAD syllabus content). This allows for the minimum recommended study hours to be met and the quality of technical training to remain high.

Students of a Vocational Level may choose the right Value Package for them. For example, students with a passion for Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance, may find that the Vocational Bright Lights Package covers all their needs. Other students who potentially wish to have a career in music theatre or commercial dance, will find that the Vocational Showstopper or Triple Threat Package better provides them with the skills they will need to reach their goals. Again, by bundling their classes, students can benefit from over $1500 worth of tuition per term FREE.

Of course you can always "add on". If a package isn't quite perfect for you. If you wish to add a class, you can add it as a single class in addition to the value package. For example you could take the Bright Lights Package and add on Contemporary. 

We have carefully built the packages in this way to ensure that certain outcomes and skills are attained by the GDANCE students who utilise them.

If you are unsure of which package is the right one for you, please feel free to ask us!