Ever wondered what might be preventing you from getting the most out of your dance class? Here is a list of 5 things NOT to do. Followed by a list of what you CAN do, to make sure you are getting everything possible out of your classes. Happy dancing!

Mistake #1. Tuning out when other students are receiving feedback and corrections.

Imagine if you applied everybody's corrections to yourself? If you listened to the advice given to others rather than waiting to hear your name called out? If you took all the information you could hear and worked on it facing the mirror while the teacher finished helping that particular student? You'd shoot to the top of the class, that's what!

Mistake #2. Having hair falling out of your bun or shoes that come untied. 

Any time that your attention is on your hair that's falling out, or your shoes that are coming undone, or a strap that keeps falling down, your attention is not on the work that you are doing. You aren't present and in the moment and therefore learning and development take a back seat.

Mistake #3. Arriving late to class.

When you race in late to class you disrupt the focus of your classmates, and also deny yourself the opportunity to be calm and focused commencing your work. You may also risk injury by neglecting to warm up your body correctly (depending how late you are). This will in turn affect your focus, mood and ability to give your best for the reminder of the class.

Mistake #4. Talking to classmates about things that are not relevant to your class. 

Not only is this selfish as you take away your classmates' opportunity to learn and improve, but you are not maximising the potential that is at your feet. You are in class to learn. To strive to be better than the last class. To outdo yourself and get better and better. You are not there to be spoon fed or to be entertained or to have a social catch-up. Use your time in class wisely.

Mistake #5. Yawning, laziness, letting your mind wander, not listening to the teacher or worse, speaking over your teacher and generally being impolite.

You've heard the old saying that you get out of it what you put in. This couldn't be more true! The more you try, listen and be attentive the more gains you are going to make.


What you CAN do, to maximise your time in class with your teachers.

Prepare well by making sure your hair is secure, your dance uniform is clean and neat and your shoes have been checked to make sure they are in tip top shape. Get to class early and go to the front of the barre, or the front line. Listen to and apply each and every correction whether it is aimed at you or not. Focus, focus, focus! Try your best with everything you do and ask questions if you need help or things are moving a little too quickly.

Teachers LOVE teaching students who are there with an eagerness and curiosity to learn as much as they can. If you do all of the above you will be AMAZED at how quickly you make improvements to your own dancing!