GDANCE Representative Team


Members of the GDANCE rep teams have an amazing opportunity to gain extensive performance experience which is vital to any young dancer in training. The team-work skills, discipline and self-confidence that students develop from being in a GDANCE troupe will help them grow not just as dancers, but also as people. Students will also be able to further their dance technique and learn important stage performance skills.

GDANCE representative team is by invitation only, or by enquiry to the Director. The prerequisite classes are a minimum of two RAD ballet classes, jazz class and stretch and limber class.

Students need to have a good attendance record, especially to group rehearsals and performances. Being in the rep team is about being an integral member of a group, and any time that a student is absent from rehearsal or missing on stage, it truly affects the entire ensemble. Missing rehearsals and/or performances will put your child's position in the rep team at risk.

We endeavour to include students in as many routines as they can sufficiently manage. It is at the Director's discretion how many and which routines each student is involved in.

Becoming part of the GDANCE representative team entails:

  • Being present for all rehearsals.
  • Committing to eisteddfods/performances and interstate travel – including cost of accommodation.
  • Understanding that costume hire fees are payable on all troupe costumes. 
  • Understanding that troupe performers are a team and that as a team member need to be on time to all rehearsals, eisteddfods and performances.  It is essential that as a parent you understand the commitment both you and your child are making to the team when signing up.

Being part of the GDANCE performance troupe is an exciting and rewarding experience for both students and their families. If you have any further questions about our performance troupe or if you would like to join, you can contact us here.


Note: GDANCE rep team members require a GDANCE Performance Team tracksuit to represent the school. They also qualify to order from a special line of Rep Team performance wear, including hoodies, t-shirts, caps and bags. 

"Another eisteddfod done and dusted.  Once again I was reminded of how lucky we are to dance at GDANCE. Thankyou  for always being so calm and kind and nurturing to our kids. Thank you for making it fun.  Thank you for always having age appropriate music, age appropriate costumes, choreographing beautiful routines that push them to be their best, but never beyond their limits. Thank you for never including dangerous tricks, or tasteless moves. 
My girls had a ball performing this past weekend, and my family & I loved every minute of watching it!" Deborah, Amaroo