GDANCE International Team


Members of the GDANCE international team must be aged 7 years or over. Students are given the opportunity participate in international performance and education opportunities. International tours are organised approximately every two years for interested students. 

"We were lucky enough to be part of the 2014 USA dance tour.  What an incredible experience, the whole way through.  From the 12months+ of preparation & rehearsals, to boarding that plane, to seeing our girls dance in Disneyland.  I'll never forget that feeling, watching Gdance shine, right down Main Street in the Disneyland Parade, their smiles so bright.  How many people get to say they did that, let alone also dance on the Disney stage, at Universal studios and on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Thank you to Miss Jo and the GDANCE team for years of hard work and preparation. What an incredible experience!" Deb, Amaroo