Junior Contemporary - For students in Grades 2 and above. Classical Ballet is a pre-requisite.

Senior Contemporary - For advanced dancersClassical Ballet is a pre-requisite.


MUSIC THEATRE - Explores song, dance and characterisation of different musical theatre genres. Some dance experience is a pre-requisite. Minimum age 9 years.


HIP HOP - Beginner - In this class, students will get an introduction to the fundamentals of the Hip Hop style. This class will teach a range of skills and foundations from basic level musicality / rhythm skills and body control. This class is an exciting, encouraging and friendly environment where students will grow and learn in the world of Hip Hop dance through various styles, technique classes and performance routines. Minimum age 7 years.

HIP HOP - Intermediate - This class is for students with a sound experience with the fundamentals of dance. This class will improve on a a range of skills and foundations from musicality / rhythm training and body control, right through to more advanced movements and grooves.