Boys at GDANCE

So you have a son? And he loves to dance?

You as his parent may have heard the old line, "Wait... dance? Why dance? He's a boy! Why not football or soccer or athletics?"

Throughout our many years of teaching and encouraging boys in the arts we have seen our boys come into their element and totally SHINE as they pursue their passion for dance.

You may have thought to yourself: Should I be funding this? Encouraging this? 

The answer is YES! YES! YES!


Here's why your son needs to dance with GDANCE!


Team work. Dancing is more of a team sport than you’d think. Performing in a group routine or company hones team skills that will come in handy in all areas of work and life.

Adventure. Because there are so few male dancers in relation to females, the jobs available to men are particularly significant. Dance can see you travelling all over the world, working with inspiring people in incredible locations. There are so many job opportunities available for male dancers.

Dance helps with creativity, coordination, balance, flexibility, and good posture. Starting from a young age, dance helps develop a child's sense of their bodies. Dancers develop many skills including, but not limited to, creativity, coordination, balance, flexibility, and good posture. Dancers master control of their movement, and study artistry, musicality, communication, body language and choreography. 

Boys bring a different perspective on movement and creativity. Dance needs as many different perspectives, movements and as much creativity as it can get. The one thing dance doesn't want to be is to be isolated to one group of people. Dance desires different voices, choices and directions. Boys and men are much sought after!

Confidence. Dance builds confidence. And yes, as a parent you may be worried that your son may get teased. But... who doesn't get teased? Give your child something they love, and something they are successful at, and something they can work for and conquer, and teasing won't matter. They'll know how to defend what they love (that's a natural instinct) and gain personal inner strength from pursuing their dreams.

Discipline. Dance teaches self-discipline, self-motivation and self-awareness. It teaches a child to look inside of themselves, trust their gut, push forward. It teaches a child to be mentally focused, respectful and accepting of new challenges.

Preparation for life. Dance is one of the most trying (physically, emotionally, mentally) experiences one can have. It encourages so many lessons of strength, and pushes the mental, emotional and physical boundaries of the dancer. It prepares them for the world in a way no other activity can. It prepares them to always keep their eyes and ears open.

So YES! Allow and support your son in his choice to dance!

It will teach him to listen, feel, and progress. But mostly, it teaches him to stand firm in his training as he opens his minds to new ideas, methods and ways of the world.

At GDANCE Academy Canberra, we will be here for you and your son every step of the way, supporting you, encouraging and mentoring him and paving the way for other boys in the future.

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